DONT LOOK BACK is a digital creation platform developed by siblings Alma Alloro and Omri Cohen-Alloro. The platform's minimalistic interface enables users to create abstract compositions using color, shape and movement in a spontaneous and immediate manner.

Initially designed for the siblings' own artistic aspirations, the platform was later developed for public use with the aim of delivering an artistic and educational tool that encourages independent exploration.

Core Principels

Creator Interface

The Creator Interface is the primary workspace where users can create animations. It provides a comprehensive yet intuitive set of tools for building colorful compositions on a grid, frame-by-frame. The interface allows users to store their animations in the working area, making them readily available for use across various interfaces within the platform.

Editor Interface

The editor interface enables users to edit clips created in the creator interface. It provides the ability to arrange the order of clips and make quick adjustments for each clip, including rotation, reflection, reversal, and color scheme changes. Additionally, users can add audio to their animations. Users can easily switch between the two interfaces depending on the requirements of their project.

Tools in progress

In addition to the creator and editor interfaces, we are constantly expanding our platform and developing new interwoven applications. Here are a few examples of the applications currently under development